Get Involved

To anyone who would like to be involved in this sport please make contact with anyone on  the contact page, and all the assistance will be given to you.

All equipment supplied, start off playing singles, doubles or triples first, where you learn the game very quickly.  Each team has a captain, and the game has a referee.

Gateball is an inexpensive sport, and being a non contact game and very tactical, it needs concentration for the 30 minutes to ensure your team is the winner.  It is fun when you touch a ball with another ball you then gain the right to spark the ball which is where the fun comes in sparking the opposition balls off the court, or placing them in an advantageous position on the court for your use.

Playing Tactics

Gateball requires players to develop sophisticated tactics to win a game.  Players must strategically arrange 10 balls on the field and analyse the opponent’s game plan , and continually change their plan to accommodate their opposition’s changing play and plan.

It is a sport with real depth.