Players at the Australian Gateball Comp.



Gateball was born in 1947 in Memuro-cho Hokkaido City Japan, as a children’s game. It’s popularity spread both among children and adults, and the Japan Gateball Union was founded in order to establish nationally unified gateball rules.  The sport is now enjoyed by 10 million players all over the world.

The fact that it is a team sport brings friendship and comradeship to all  who play around the world.

Two teams consist of five players on a side.  Teamwork is the key to winning.  Gateball is a sport which combines brain  play and mild physical exercise and which can be played  by anyone young or old.

Singles and Doubles are also played regularly which requires skill and strategy and it is a great way to learn the game quickly and it becomes very competitive for the younger players.

It is likened to billiards, chess, bridge, and is a modern spin on mini golf.  To learn to Touch, Slide and Spark is the key to the game.


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